[LAU] Ongoing problem yet unsolved

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sat Aug 30 16:00:06 EDT 2008

First thought it was a qsynth problem but it his everything, across the board!

I fire up a program, qsynth, qtractor, etc. I simply cannot connect (in 
qjackctl or qtractor's or qsynth's connection pane) to a MIDI output device. 
Repeated tries will eventually crash out.

Qsynth will run OK with jack not running (latency not all that bad, either!).
Qtractor would not connect, even without jack running, but the first try with 
jack might has locked out further tries.

The MIDI will connect up fine "locally" with no such program running, i.e., I 
can connect the keyboard to an output device and play it.

I have no .asoundrc or conf file. Any help appreciated because I am eager to 
try the new qtractor!

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