[LAU] Ongoing problem yet unsolved

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sat Aug 30 16:35:28 EDT 2008

Hello David!
  Did you try starting just fluidsynth like this:
fluidsynth -a jack -j [-r samplerate] soundfont_file
aconnect soundcard-port fluid-port
aconnect 16 128 or 20 128
aconnect -li
aconnect -lo
  for port lists.
  Did you update your kernel/JACK lately?
uname -r
  will show the kernel version, if you're unsure.
  If you got all packages from your distro try to update kernel and JACKD 
  If you build your jack and/or kernel yourself, rebuild both.
  If the fluidsynth fails. Try this:
fluidsynth -a jack [-r samplerate] soundfont_file
  Now you have to connect the jack-ports as well. Do it like this:
jack_connect fluidsynth:left system:playback_1
jack_connect fluidsynth:right system:playback_2
  Does this work? See the jack-output. If your system starts jack 
automatically look at your "kernel console" TTY10 (ctrl+alt+F10). If you start 
JACK yourself look at the terminal/window, where you started jack for error 
  How about your QTractor? Did you build this one yourself. Try to rebuild as 
well and don't use qjackctl for connecting but use aconnect and jack_connect 
as well. Look for error messages in the shell, where you ran 
aconnect/jack_connect, then again check TTY10.
  If this works, have a look at qjackctl. The old rebuild or update advice 
applies as well.
  If all that fails, I'm out of it.
  Kindest regards

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