[LAU] Ardour2- Ranges, Playlists, and Selecting Them

Stephen Doonan stephen.doonan at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 20:07:22 EDT 2008

The Other wrote:

> I've just spent over 4 hours googling for Ardour2 tutorials and reading
> through the Ardour2 manual trying to figure out how to cut off the
> beginning and ending silence on a recording.

* choose the "Select/Move ranges" tool in the upper left, just right of 
the hand-with-pointing-finger tool. (it looks like a double arrow 
pointing left and right, with vertical lines at the end of the arrow points)

* in any track, click and drag right or left with that tool (the 
Select/Move ranges tool) to select a small range within the track, near 
the beginning or end, for example.

* right-click within the selected range and from the pop-up menu select 
"Extend range to end of region" or "Extend range to beginning of region."

* if you would like to include other tracks before deleting or moving 
the range, press SHIFT and click at the left of each track you wish to 
include, in the area beneath the name of the track.

* choose Edit-->Delete, or press the DELETE key on your keyboard.

> And as stated above, I never got anywhere trying to set a region, even
> when going through the menus to set region beginning and set region
> ending.  I was still deleting the entire recording.

What you are trying to work with is a range. A region in Ardour is 
something else.

Best wishes,

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