[LAU] [ANN] Music: lodsb - lazer.eyes.love

Niklas Klügel nonomonomusic at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 1 18:32:14 EST 2008

Hey LAU!

compressed info:
If you're up to something fresh, you'll love this album.
melody-core love-songs @ insane speeds. emphasis on classical
composition+acid shit. some breaks as well.

For the impatient (tracks to check out):
04 - xXlazereyesloveXx
01 - analogue arcade
06 - bubblegum hypothesis
07 - deer ride
09 - rubiq

no sample phrases(except breaks). just straight tracking/midi+sample
editing using renoise(linux+win)/live plus your favorite
(f)oss tools (csound/bristol/pd).

I am currently working on the artwork+video.
The whole stuff is released as CC, limited edition vinyl release + some
official release bonuses are about to come in 2009.

Take it, love it, share it, spread the word... do whatever you want. If
you are up for a remix/other kinds of artwork, feel free to contact me.

URL: http://karhumusic.sesser.at/lodsb-lazereyeslove.zip


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