[LAU] Looking for MIDI Sequencer for Ubuntu 8.04.1 (ASUS Eee Version)

Francis Graves fgraves525 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 00:54:15 EST 2008

Hello -- this is my first post so I hope I am not starting out asking the
wrong types of questions. I recently purchased a ASUS 900 with a 16 GB SSD.
As many people do, I also installed the special Ubuntu Eee netbook version.

Does a simple multitrack MIDI sequencer exist in binary form that will
install easily using the ASUS series Net Books?

Piano roll editing is sufficient. I need about 480 ppq. I am trying to
reduce my dependence on Windows and except for the audio software I am
accomplishing this with this $299 US computer.

I am an experienced user of music software and prefer recording my piano
tracks in MIDI as although I am a fair player I am not perfect and software
to go in a visually fix timing or note errors would be very helpful.

I naturally am interested in other types of audio software and have been
researching the variety that exists but for some reason a cheap and dirty
MIDI sequencer does not jump out at me.

Thanks for your help.

Frank Graves
Spring, TX
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