[LAU] Pre-configured Linux Audio laptop for US$499 gets some ink

Roger E gurusonic at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 17:54:42 EST 2008

Randy Kramer wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 December 2008 03:06 am, Giso Grimm wrote:
>> In my tests both used SSD (the Asus an SSD and additional SD card), 
> and
>> the lid was closed. The Acer battery says
>> 11.1 V, 2400 mAh, 45 Wh (well, if I multiply capacity and voltage I 
> get
>> 26.6 Wh)
> I should know more about batteries but I wonder if there is some sort of 
> phenomena that limits the current output--what I mean is, maybe the 
> peak current output is 2400 mAh, but maybe it can do that (or some 
> fraction of that on sort of a decreasing curve) for more than 1 hour?
Current is measured in mA. mAh denotes capacity. ie. a 2400mah battery 
should deliver 2400 mA for 1 hr, or 1200 mA for 2 hrs etc.
> Of course, the counterexample to that would be a dead short on the 
> battery, which I'm quite certain will draw more than 2400 mAh.  But 
> even then, after a brief dead short followed by a rest, won't the 
> battery recover and be able to deliver some more power (assuming the 
> battery is not destroyed by the dead short).
Just don't do it. :) Lithium batteries will overheat and possibly catch 
fire or even explode. I fly RC helicopters using LiPo batteries. You can 
find videos on YewToob of this happening.
LiIon batteries in computers are not so volatile, but not immune either. 
Fires have been recorded and millions have been recalled/replaced by 
manufacturers in the past for safety reasons.

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