[LAU] [ANN] Songs 0.4pre1 and some help on equalizer

Cedric Roux sed at free.fr
Thu Dec 4 09:53:25 EST 2008

Hi everyone,

here is a pre-release of songs 0.4:
(pre1 because I will use it to record some stuff and do a
release after that, to catch some bugs)

There is a reverb (order 15 CFDN, coming from sverb, but some
parameters may not be that good, so the quality is far from
perfect for an order 15 CFDN I guess).

There is an equalizer (kind of "programmable eq," ie. you write
some code and the equalizer's parameters are generated).

I am not satisfied with the equalizer (it's a FIR designed with
basic window method).

So I need some help. What kind of equalizer do you use (like
"10 band graphic eq" or "parametric eq") (and with which software,
possibly free so I can read the source)?

If you are good at DSP, I would like to generate an IIR filter
out of my input (an arbitrary frequency response coming from
some user's instructions) instead of a FIR. Any technique/pointer to
some documentation/code?


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