[LAU] [ANN] Songs 0.4pre1 and some help on equalizer

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Thu Dec 4 12:44:19 EST 2008

Hi Cedric!
   I never tried more than stereo with my reverb. But I've heard other stories. 
I'm running on a 1.8gHz Athlon CPU. For more info on jconv, you best see the 
website or ask Fons. He's done a really great deal about it and it's clever!
   Well maybe LADSPA is not how you like it, but the advantage is amazing. You 
can just use an already developed thing. And if it's buggy, it will be fixed 
once. And you said it: GTK+ + OSS. I don't have OSS, but could probably get 
it or I use the OSS-emulation of ALSA. But it's more JACK these days, 
especially for recording and other live stuff. Besides: I can't use GTK+. 
Probably I could, because there is some blind-friendly piece of software. But 
it's all rather dependent... :-(
   So at least making your stuff into a LADSPA plugin you would release your 
software to more people, which might mean more feedback and help.
   Oh gosh, sorry for fighting this course. But it seems so reasonable and 
helpful! :-)
   Kindest regards

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