[LAU] : Netjack : like a charm :)

David Adler david.jo.adler at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 09:11:02 EST 2008


>> * So the problem was seq24 on the slave machine was running at this own
>> tempo. If the master use 120BPM and the Slave 110, they are not
>> synchronized. But if you put 120 on both, it seems to be synchronized...
>> Well I think there is a bug in seq24 or something. I didn't try with other
>> softwares. But I have some doubt about the real tempo synchronization.
> as stated, it only synchronizes the framecount.
> netjack2 seems to do complete tempo synchronisation, but i dont know
> if its latency compensated. and i also had somebody reporting,
> that it just fails with an assert triggered.

are you running on 64bit?
Still no tempo sync, but the new release of seq24 fixes this:

Fixed Bugs
* Fixed BPM saving on 64 bit platforms."

Have a look at this post:


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