[LAU] Fedora Core 9, Planet CCRMA, and PulseAudio

The Other theother1510 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 12 22:38:59 EST 2008

Nigel Henry wrote:
> Hi Stephen.
> Disabling Pulseaudio is very easy on Fedora Installs, by simply removing the 
> package, alsa-plugins-pulseaudio. By doing that, your sound apps will now use 
> Alsa directly.
> If you have KDE installed, removing the above package, will also remove, 
> kde-settings-pulseaudio. If you use audio apps that use SDL, add the 
> following line to /home/user/.bashrc , which will remove the hack that SDL 
> programs need to use Pulseaudio.
> I'd warn against doing a Gung-Ho removal of all Pulseaudio rpm's, as one of 
> them removes a whole bunch of packages as dependencies. Someone on the Fedora 
> list did just that, and messed up the sound completely. Can't remember it was 
> with Fedora8, or 9.
> All the best.
> Nigel.

Thanks Nigel.  I've printed your reply, applied it, and rebooted into 
the Planet CCRMA realtime kernel.

When logging in as a normal user under Gnome, the default login wave 
played through the motherboard speaker.  Nothing new there so I went 
into Pulse Audio Device Chooser, selected the "default" for the 
Default Server, "default" for the Default Sink, and "default" for the 
Default Source.  Then I went into PulseAudio Manager, select the 
Sample Cache tab, then highlight the pulse-hotplug entry, and set 
Playback On: to anything other than the 8086 line.  I check it with 
the Play button and hear the default sound come through my monitor 
speakers via my Audigy2 ZS PCI soundcard.

Then its off into PulseAudio Volume Control, select the Output 
Devices, then turn off the volume on the Intel 82801 chip, turn up the 
volume and set as default the ADC Capture/Standard PCM Playback chip. 
  Then do the same thing under the Input Devices tab.  Close out and 
I'm done.

The next time I log in I have to repeat the entire process.

But the good news is that RealPlayer 11 is now using the monitor 
speakers, Ardour 2 is recording off the Audigy2 ZS, Audacity is 
recording off RealPlayer 11 (although I can't seem to get Audacity to 
record off the CD/DVD drive) The Alsa Mixer for my Audigy2 ZS is now 
showing all of the controls, although I just hung it up trying to 
figure out the correct combination to get Audacity to record the DVD 
soundtrack.  I think I have the digital out and the Analog out on the 
DVD drive going to the Audigy2 ZS.  Perhaps I should select one or the 
other, but not both.  Something else to experiment with.

Joe:  I feel so silly.  I watch the Fedora Forums, but I never thought 
to join the Planet CCRMA mailing list.  That's my next stop.

And Joe, don't do a total uninstall of everything PulseAudio.  I tried 
that and had to do a complete reinstall of Fedora 10 and of Fedora 9, 
as Nigel said someone else did.  Removing PulseAudio in total borks 

Grammostola:  Thanks for the LinuxMusicians thread on PulseAudio.
   I'll check it out tomorrow.

I greatly appreciate all the help and suggestions.  Now that RealAudio 
11 is playing through the monitor speakers, I can listen to the Sky.FM 
New Age channel and get mellow again.  :)


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