[LAU] mac-mini size-alike pc for linux?

sh0099 sh0099 at gmx.de
Thu Dec 18 11:27:33 EST 2008

does anybody know if there are performance difference between
the intel atom and the via ...7... processors?

> If you're planing to use it for every-day audio work, you may want to 
> consider a more performant solution, like the transtec senyo 610 
> (http://www.transtec.de/D/D/products/personal_computer/pc/mini_pc.html). 
> This device an be delivered with Suse Enterprise pre-installed, so it 
> can be considered as "linux tested" :)
yes i where looking before for this company because i thought i would 
need a fanless computer ... but now i think i just need a normal quiet 
computer ...
the only thing is that the competitors to apple seam to be more expensive.
but thanks for the suggestions
> Btw, have you tried running a mac port of linux on your mac mini? I'm 
> running debian here on an old imac and it is very performant (compared 
> to OSX).
on the intel macs i just run a normal linux.
but i did not test it so much so i dont know anything if everything is 

i have an old ibook where it is impossible to use a firewire soundcard 
do you think it would be possible to use it with linux and ffado did 
anybody try to compile ffado on a ppc?

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