[LAU] Call for Participation: International Counting Track

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Tue Dec 23 01:09:59 EST 2008

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 09:18:16AM +1030, Matthew Smith wrote:
> Just spotted this:
> > - 32 bit float, 48 KHz
> I don't have anything with a 32-bit ADC.  My H2 goes up to 24 bit 
> (although it can do 96 ksps at this resolution) and the UCA-202 hooked 
> into my laptop only to 16-bit.
> Do you really require this resolution?  I'm guessing that I'm not the 
> only one who doesn't have ADCs with such super-high resolution so maybe 
> you would get more samples submitted with a lower resolution.

32-bit float is the native resolution of JACK, IIRC.

I'd just record on whatever is the highest resolution I can get, then open up the file in Rezound or Ardour or Audacity or whatever, edit accordingly, and then save it out as 32-bit float 48Khz to meet the requirements.


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