[LAU] Call for Participation: International Counting Track

Matthew Smith matt at smiffytech.com
Tue Dec 23 04:39:30 EST 2008

Quoth Thorsten Wilms at 2008-12-23 19:57...
> Whatever works for you. Though using Ardour would make it simple
> regarding the requested format. Can your H2 record at 48 kHz?
Possibly, but my card (Behringer UC202) only does 16 bit @ 48 kHz.  The 
H2, however, can record WAV at 24 bit @ 48kHz right up to 24 bit @ 96kHz.

I'm not all that sure about how good it is to "normalise" 24 bit to 32 
bit - that would mean some sort of interpolation and thus introduction 
of errors.

I think I'll just record using the H2, 24 bit @ 48kHz, trim and save. 
Then I will expand that to 32 bit so you have got the pure and 
interpolated versions.

> Well, with what I have in mind, I would aim for a "natural" sound for
> most of the piece, but perhaps try vocoding for the whole thing later
> on. I wouldn't mind _additional_ processed samples, but might not use
> them. I would still include them with the other material for download.
I'll do vocoded ones too, if I have the time.



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