[LAU] demo song

Tapani Sysimetsä tapani.sysimetsa at rokki.net
Thu Dec 25 11:24:17 EST 2008

Tuukka Jääskeläinen wrote:
> I have to say, that this was really awesome track. Very interesting 
> style, would love to have it as a high-quality download.
> I really have to ask, how have you done the violins / strings in the 
> track "nuku". Especially, what sound libraries have been used?


It was Qsynth with Slowstrings of Titanic 200 GMGS soundfont.

I don't know if this works: 
http://instrumentsvirtuels.free.fr/freeware6.htm#titanic  (half-way of 
the page)

Last time i checked, it was not permitted to upload Titanic without the 
creators' approval.

Another soundfont I like is PC51f. It is smaller than Titanic, but 
includes many nice instruments as well.



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