[LAU] Best setup for sound recording under Intrepid

Stephen Nesbitt stephen_nesbitt at alumni.cmc.edu
Mon Dec 29 12:24:01 EST 2008


In this maillist I have seen a lot of warning that realtime is broken in 
Intrepid. Ok that's understandable if not wonderful :-)

But the question is then if one is running Intrepid what is the proper setup? 
I'm looking for something like "The (almost) Perfect Sound Recording  Setup 
for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex". This is information I haven't seen and given the 
number of questions in reference to Intrepid being asked on this list, one 
that might be valuable.

The fundamental requirement is that one is running Intrepid as one's main 
system. Replacing Intrepid with Hardy is not an option.

Here are some possibilities that have crossed my mind:
1) Setup a dual boot Hardy/Intrepid system - doable but a pain because of 1) 
the need to reboot and 2) the potential loss of access to one's standard home 
directory, tools, email and system configuration.

2) Use Intrepid despite not having access to a realtime kernel. In this case 
information on realistic expectations on latency, how to best configure Jack to 
limit xruns, etc would be very nice. In other words, can Intrepid even be used 
as a base for music recording and what are the gotchas (if any)?

3) Run Hardy based studio as a guest OS in vmware or VirtualBox. I don't even 
know if this is possible? What does it mean to run a guest OS in a realtime 
environment when the host is not? And even if that isn't a problem, how does 
one configure the sound system? For instance how do I get the guest system to 
recognize my Delta 44 card? Or PulseAudio?

Thanks in advance!


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