[LAU] Best setup for sound recording under Intrepid

R Dicaire kritek at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 14:20:07 EST 2008

>I've avoided the intrepid up date for the RT kernel challenges, and haven't lost anything at all by sticking with >releases one step removed from current. I respectuflly suggest you might consider the same, with the notable >exception of Jack, where the latest version, hot out of the oven, is a better bet than 0.109. something, which >comes as the default with ubuntu. 0.109 came about in a period of transition for Jack, as the devs got the BIG >spanners  and power tools out, and did some serious work. (which has come to fruit for us appreciative users in >the latest release.)

Hmm wasn't aware of this, does this fix the alsa jack plugin crashing jackd?

If I were to build alsa and jack from source, in what order should they be done?
Doesn't jack build against alsa, and alsa against jack for the jack plugin?
I'll be doing this with Debian Lenny (testing).

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