[LAU] Best setup for sound recording under Intrepid

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Mon Dec 29 21:43:13 EST 2008

> Is this system on a notebook or desktop box ? Perhaps you'll do better 
> on a desktop machine, but I would not recommend using Intrepid as a 
> production system on a notebook.

If you are planning on using a netbook (which is somewhat cpu
impoverished for heavy DSP stuff, but for the straight recording plus
light to moderate DSP you should be fine) in conjunction with Intrepid I
could not recommend it more. I am running on a MSI Wind with vanilla
kernel and all the eye-candy (compiz) I can get and am yet to get a
single xrun on it with built-in soundcard (haven't tried it with
external yet). Only xruns I've gotten so far were if I exited a JACK app
(e.g. Pd). This is on a 512x2 setting at 44.1KHz (23.2ms).

P.S. Just tried Renoise 2.0 RC that was recently posted here and ran the
demo song. It choked the cpu somewhere towards the end, but with O/C it
ran just fine. (somewhat OT) FWIW, Renoise is truly a beautifully
designed Linux audio app and I sincerely hope we'll get to see more of
this kind of "polish" among the linux audio software.


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