[LAU] jackd process can't be killed

Adam Sampson ats at offog.org
Tue Dec 30 15:42:08 EST 2008

"R Dicaire" <kritek at gmail.com> writes:

> I'm running Debian Lenny on a custom kernel. I notice
> once jackd starts, it cannot be killed. kill -9 leaves the jackd
> process in state DLs
> Running jackd -R -P70 -dalsa -dhw:0 -r44100 -p128 -n2 -Xseq
> I get same behaviour from kernel

This looks like the 2.6.26 MIDI sequencer problem -- MIDI doesn't work,
and after jackd has opened the sequencer device for the first time,
it'll hang trying to close it. Future attempts to open the sequencer
device then fail because it's in use.

I've gone back to 2.6.24 for now, but as I recall, if you don't care
about MIDI, you can start jackd with -Xraw (or with no -X option) and
it'll still do audio happily.

It'd be really nice to have a fix for this, since 2.6.24 occasionally
locks up for me when I've got realtime stuff running (whereas 2.6.26 is
admirably well-behaved aside from the complete lack of MIDI). Does
anyone know whether MIDI's working again in the new RT tree?

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