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Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 03:32:44 EST 2008


A couples months ago we started a forum at linuxmusicians.com . Our aim 
is to bring Linux musicians together and help each other to make music 
on the Linux platform.  We want to promote FLOSS software for making 
music. We also want to make making music on Linux more accessible for 
newbies and less computer minded people. We think a forum is a good 
platform for this.

For  making music on Linux,  we need of course  good  software.  To 
inspire and help people to become a Linux audio developer, we launched a 
special part for developers on our forum, which you can find here:


As mentioned before, this should be a good and accessible place for 
newbie programmers. But we also like to invite more experienced 
developers to share their stuff, knowledge and help some newbies with 
their first steps. Would be cool if some more experienced programmes 
will visit the forum sometimes a month (for example) and give some 
feedback to newbie programmers or projects. If someone like to write an 
article about how to become a Linux audio programmer and how to start, 
you're very welcome!

We are aware of the fact that there is also a linux-audio-dev 
mailinglist and IRC channel. We also think the Linux audio development 
community should operate as centralized as possible. So people can learn 
from each other and make a good interaction between different apps and 
projects as good as possible. That's why we wrote a short introduction 
in which we make new developers aware of the existence of these places.


We hope we can inspire young and talented people to become a Linux audio 
developer. We hope that you guys will support this initiative and are 
willing to help new developers find their ways in the world of Linux 
audio development.

Kind regards,


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