[LAU] Eee As Synth Engine?

M-.-n nostromo at arkaos.net
Sat Feb 2 04:40:49 EST 2008

Hi Paul,

> 1) the keyboard would take a LOT of getting used to - it's soooo
> small!

That is actually not an issue. I thought it would be but once it sits on you
lap it's very confi and the keys are quite good. The only 'issue' is that
going back to a regular desktop/laptop makes you feek you're in front of a
boat :)

> 2) the display model in the store had a glitchy, intermittent trackpad
> button. I'm sure it took a lot of abuse in the past month or so it's
> been there, but that's still not encouraging.

I didn't have any real issue with the trackpad itself. Mind you I am a
person that loves to use keyboard shortcuts and tabbing between apps so I
might be biases there. The only thing I do not like however is the mouse.
The action is not very nice, a but too hard (right click especially) but as
I said, I'm not using it too much so it's not a bug deal either

> 3) Does ALSA support USB 2.0 devices yet? (There's no firewire port,
> so BeBob is irrelevant). I'd like to get decent (well under 10 ms)
> latency at 2 channels in/out for use in live performances, and
> possibly higher channel count at higher latency for use as an
> ultraportable Ardour box :-) Something like the M-audio Fast Track
> Ultra would be nice - iff it works with alsa!  But I'd need MIDI too
> to hook up foot controllers.  The Edirol FA66 would be perfect - but
> it's firewire.

Yes it does. I did Audacious -> Tapco usb interface -> Active Monitor and
had zero problem. Sounded nice & clear.

Hope this helps

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