[LAU] Eee As Synth Engine?

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sat Feb 2 05:10:33 EST 2008

M-.-n wrote:

>> 1) the keyboard would take a LOT of getting used to - it's soooo
>> small!
> That is actually not an issue. I thought it would be but once it sits on you
> lap it's very confi and the keys are quite good. The only 'issue' is that
> going back to a regular desktop/laptop makes you feek you're in front of a
> boat :)

I tried it. So did my wife. We both hate it. Even our friend (whose EEE 
PC we checked out) who has a long history of liking smallish keyboard 
layouts, only uses the EEE PC keyboard when he absolutely has to. The 
rest of the time, he uses a regular keyboard.

>> 2) the display model in the store had a glitchy, intermittent trackpad
>> button. I'm sure it took a lot of abuse in the past month or so it's
>> been there, but that's still not encouraging.
> I didn't have any real issue with the trackpad itself. Mind you I am a
> person that loves to use keyboard shortcuts and tabbing between apps so I
> might be biases there. The only thing I do not like however is the mouse.
> The action is not very nice, a but too hard (right click especially) but as
> I said, I'm not using it too much so it's not a bug deal either

I'm more keyboard focussed, too. I'd rather use a graphics tablet than a 
mouse, anyway. ;-)

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