[LAU] Benoit's stuff

Benoit Rouits brouits at free.fr
Sun Feb 3 22:11:23 EST 2008

It's all an honour for me. If someone need the OM patch, tell me.
It's a simple patch in fact, using the granular scatter ladspa 
plugin from Richard W.E Furse (author of the cmt plugins).
The rest is hands flying on the keyboard..
- Ben
Le dimanche 03 février 2008 à 17:16 -0800, Ken Restivo a écrit :
> Now that LAM is back up, I've been catching up on what's posted.
> I've really enjoyed the music that Benoit Rouits has posted. Very interesting, meditative, ambient kind of stuff. Some of the sounds and patches are just gorgeous too (i.e. on "Organum").
> Nice stuff, very impressive.
> -ken

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