[LAU] Clics and pops

Nicolas Peltier peltier.nicolas at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 04:09:26 EST 2008


you may recognize my name : i'm one of the linuxaudio users who yelled about
watchdog timeout (jack problem).
it still doesn't work and i'm still interested in any advice...

BUT my mail isn't about that problem. I couldn't record and playback
simultaneously so i tried another solution : recording through my Micro BR
and then use ardour to playback and mix the audio files.

The only problem that remains is i have clics or pops (i dont know the
difference) on my guitar record...i tried to suppress them with audacity,
but it seems not to work (with me as a user).

Could i have explanations about using that function?
Is there a more efficient/ easier tool to do that?
why do clics and pops exist (it's a wav file)?
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