[LAU] Clics and pops

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Mon Feb 11 04:15:04 EST 2008


Are you sure the clics and/or pops are in the source material? Your previous
problem hints that your jack setup might not be optimal and the problems
could come from jackd xruns.

If the problem is with the source material, you could try gnome wave cleaner:



Quoting Nicolas Peltier <peltier.nicolas at gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> you may recognize my name : i'm one of the linuxaudio users who yelled
> about
> watchdog timeout (jack problem).
> it still doesn't work and i'm still interested in any advice...
> BUT my mail isn't about that problem. I couldn't record and playback
> simultaneously so i tried another solution : recording through my Micro
> BR
> and then use ardour to playback and mix the audio files.
> The only problem that remains is i have clics or pops (i dont know the
> difference) on my guitar record...i tried to suppress them with
> audacity,
> but it seems not to work (with me as a user).
> Could i have explanations about using that function?
> Is there a more efficient/ easier tool to do that?
> why do clics and pops exist (it's a wav file)?

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