[LAU] ffado tools and presonus firebox

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Tue Feb 12 03:21:57 EST 2008

Probably this should have gone to the list...

Am Dienstag, 12. Februar 2008 schrieb Hartmut Noack:
> Arnold Krille schrieb:
> > freebob can't sync to external clock-sources.
> Thanks for the fast response. I inspected the stuff that comes with the
> build from SVN and found the ffado-test prog. It looks like this one has
> a method to set the clock-source.
> $ ./libffado/tests/test-ffado Discover
> to find out the ID of the available clock-sources
> $ ./libffado/tests/test-ffado SetClockSource 80
> This should set the Firebox to the external sync.
> Quite sad though, that such a simple information needs to be found out
> by forensic methods  :-)
> > ffado can.
> One moment please: does that mean, that jacks freeBoB-backend cannot be
> used if I set the firebox to be synced from external S/PDIF? That is: I
> need to run jack with ffado as the backend?

Actually I don't really remember. Its been some days since I last did this. 
Why don't you just try it? :-)

> > Even with the
> > firepod. But the firepod has no mixer and therefor no gui so far. You
> > need to use the console-tools that come with ffado.
> actually the tools, that are installed by scons install cannot do the
> trick for me as ffadomixer does not work with the firebox. The tools
> that can do the trick are in tests/ in the build-dir, I found them more
> or less by accident...

Yep, that is a valid usability problem for a released package. But wait a 
minute: ffado is not a released package!

To be short: There are plans to incorporate these controls into the 
ffadomixer. And to have three kinds of things in ffadomixer: the special 
mixer-gui for a device (if it exists), a generic gui for the found controls 
(but without the assurance that these do anything on the device) and the 
generic controls for clock-source, etc.
But as there is only 24 hours a day available, this will take some time and 
maybe this will only come in the 2.1-release... but ppalmers is more of an 
authority to state these things...

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