[LAU] ffado tools and presonus firebox

Pieter Palmers pieterp at joow.be
Tue Feb 12 03:49:32 EST 2008

Arnold Krille wrote:
> Probably this should have gone to the list...
> Am Dienstag, 12. Februar 2008 schrieb Hartmut Noack:
>> Arnold Krille schrieb:
>>> freebob can't sync to external clock-sources.
>> Thanks for the fast response. I inspected the stuff that comes with the
>> build from SVN and found the ffado-test prog. It looks like this one has
>> a method to set the clock-source.
>> $ ./libffado/tests/test-ffado Discover
>> to find out the ID of the available clock-sources
>> $ ./libffado/tests/test-ffado SetClockSource 80
>> This should set the Firebox to the external sync.
>> Quite sad though, that such a simple information needs to be found out
>> by forensic methods  :-)
>>> ffado can.
>> One moment please: does that mean, that jacks freeBoB-backend cannot be
>> used if I set the firebox to be synced from external S/PDIF? That is: I
>> need to run jack with ffado as the backend?
> Actually I don't really remember. Its been some days since I last did this. 
> Why don't you just try it? :-)

If you use the ffado console tool to select SPDIF as the sync source, 
you can still use the freebob jack backend. It could be that the clock 
source is reset after a busreset or a power cycle. I also can't predict 
what the device will do when you select the SPDIF input as sync source 
and don't have a valid SPDIF signal attached. Most likely it won't 
explode though...

>>> Even with the
>>> firepod. But the firepod has no mixer and therefor no gui so far. You
>>> need to use the console-tools that come with ffado.
>> actually the tools, that are installed by scons install cannot do the
>> trick for me as ffadomixer does not work with the firebox. The tools
>> that can do the trick are in tests/ in the build-dir, I found them more
>> or less by accident...
> Yep, that is a valid usability problem for a released package. But wait a 
> minute: ffado is not a released package!
> To be short: There are plans to incorporate these controls into the 
> ffadomixer. And to have three kinds of things in ffadomixer: the special 
> mixer-gui for a device (if it exists), a generic gui for the found controls 
> (but without the assurance that these do anything on the device) and the 
> generic controls for clock-source, etc.
> But as there is only 24 hours a day available, this will take some time and 
> maybe this will only come in the 2.1-release... but ppalmers is more of an 
> authority to state these things...
Your summary is pretty good :).



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