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Tue Feb 12 09:53:43 EST 2008

> From: raphael.bollen at ampcobelgium.be

> Hi,
> I wrote a python script some time ago that is able to do what you ask and maybe more... There is no manual but I can answer questions if needed.
> features:
>  - stop and restart services (i.e.: you don't want mysql running when doing audio but you need it back after)
>  - kill running applications (i.e.: I kill my browser if it's running, I stop kontact, ...)
>  - launch pexpect scripts (i.e.: to change some config settings in your system) see: http://www.noah.org/wiki/Pexpect (I include my audio_irq.py script as example of what you can do. Obviously it needs to match your system.)
>  - launch audio applications with delays in between
>  - run cleaning commands when all audio apps are closed (i.e.: restart your browser)
> Basic usage is:
> edit the example.conf file to match what you want to do. The file is documented clearly (hopefully!)
> then launch the script:
> python sss.py -v -f example.conf
> using different .conf files you can start different sets of applications.
> Since it's quite small, I think I can attach the file here.
> -- 
> Raphaël.

Thanks, I'll take a look at it!

Is it also possible to launch lash_panel with the saved project by a script (*.sh or python)? So I'm able to start the apps WITH the right settings (lash)?

Best regards,


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