[LAU] Multiple M-Audio Delta 1010s

Terry Hull tah at nrg-inc.com
Wed Feb 13 03:12:37 EST 2008

I was wondering what the current status is of using multiple Delta 1010s
with jackd.  I have seen several references to an .asoundrc for this
kind of a setup, but I have not seen anyone say how this is working for
them.  I currently have a single 1010 installed in a 3 GHz P4. While
running at 5 msec latency it is running at about 6% CPU utilization with
jack and Ardour2 running.  How much does a second card add to the CPU
load? Also, can xruns be avoided under these circumstances?  


I'm planning on using the machine for auxiliary processing during live
performance.  I know that RME cards would be the best option, but I
really can't afford the card and the A/Ds.  


BTW:  I had a significant amount of problems eliminating xruns on the
machine.  I started by moving from KDE to IceWM, but that did not
improve things.  After that I went from a normal kernel to the 2.6.22
real time kernel in the Gentoo pro audio overlay.  That also did not
seem to help very much.  Even at 100 msec, I was still getting lots of
xruns.  I then turned off hyperthreading and added rtirq.  These changes
helped, but I could still generate xruns by just typing in a terminal
window or moving the mouse.  The thing that actually solved the problem
was changing from the ATI Mach 64 on the motherboard to a NVIDIA 5200.
That seemed to be the magic.  I can now run Ardour with no xruns at 5
msec latency.  



Terry Hull - President

Network Resource Group, Inc.


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