[LAU] Multiple M-Audio Delta 1010s

Joe Hartley jh at brainiac.com
Wed Feb 13 07:47:43 EST 2008

On Wed, 13 Feb 2008 02:12:37 -0600
"Terry Hull" <tah at nrg-inc.com> wrote:
> I was wondering what the current status is of using multiple Delta 1010s
> with jackd.  I have seen several references to an .asoundrc for this
> kind of a setup, but I have not seen anyone say how this is working for
> them.  I currently have a single 1010 installed in a 3 GHz P4.

I have a second 1010 on the way to me now.  If it's repairable (I think
it's just a cap replacement, which I've done successfully before), I'll be
doing a big writeup on running 2 1010s in a similar system.  Stay tuned.

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