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Fri Feb 15 07:13:16 EST 2008

I'd look into wineasio + Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3.

I know that it's not free and that is expensive... but I think that at this
time is the best amp simulation available and runs very well on linux. So
think about it as if you were buying a POD but with much better sound.

For the hi-z issue, people with cards that only have line inputs can get a
DI-box for 20-30 bucks that will do the job.

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 4:46 AM, Christian Delahousse <
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> Hey guys,
> I just installed Ubuntu with a RT kernel addon and I'm doing my first
> forays into the OS. I've been a long time windows user but I figured
> I'd change to linux for a new perspective.
> On windows, I run a line6 guitar port for my guitar amplification
> needs. Unfortunately, the Line6 Linux software project does not
> support the Guitar Port. Luckily, I have a Tascam US122 with a HighZ
> input that I can plug my guitar into.
> I was just wondering what software was available to me for guitar amp
> simulation? Is there a guide that explains what to do?
> So far, google hasn't very helpful, my searches lead me to a guitar
> that's actually being converted into a LINUX GUITAR.
> Anyways, thanks
> -Chris
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