[LAU] Windows Midi GM Wavetable Synth

Clemens Ladisch cladisch at fastmail.net
Tue Feb 19 03:48:34 EST 2008

N. Gey wrote:
> But for some reasons I want to use the standard Windows XP General Midi
> Samples, known as "GM Synth" or something like this in my linux
> enviroment. [...]
> Do you know a way to extract and transform the XP bank?

These samples are stored in the file gm.dls in the system32\drivers
directory.  DLS is the offical standard for storing such samples, which
isn't supported by any Linux synthesizer AFAIK.  You may be able to
convert it to .sf2 with Swami.

> Yes I know there a plenty of free and good GM-banks out there, but
> sometimes you just get used to some sounds.

These samples are a crippled version of the sounds of the Roland SC-55.
You might want to buy a real SoundCanvas device, or to try to run the
VSC-MP1's VST plugin in Linux.


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