[LAU] [ANN] Minicomputer 1.0 softwaresynthesizer released

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Wed Feb 20 12:35:48 EST 2008


thanks for the feedback.

> jack_client_thread zombified - exiting from JACK
> when starting minicomputer.
> Keep in mind that I'm on Slackware 12.0 and I use set_limits to acquire 
> realtime privileges.

as far as I know zombification could appear when the application takes 
to much time. Could you check with Jack with more frames/period and / or 
Soft Mode activated?

 > editor/syntheditor.cxx:226: error: expected unqualified-id before '[' 

wow, it seems that I shouldnt called the displays in the editor Display 
but I dont know why it should include something from X11. Anyway, I am 
going to change it to a less generic name (perhaps maltesBildschirm) and 
make a 1.1 release.
But this kind of feedback is important because on one hand I spend some 
time testing it but only on a limited range of platforms, on three 
computers, all AMD processors, two different Ubuntu versions and 64 
Studio in 64 bit mode.


Malte Steiner
media art + development

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