[LAU] Going from window to linux

Leslie P. Polzer leslie.polzer at gmx.net
Thu Feb 28 05:33:14 EST 2008

Hello Mike,

> 2) I assume linux is a lot better with RAM than windows, and was curious if
> there are any people who are on this list
>    that actually switched over and could tell me if they really could "do" a
> lot more in linux with the same hardware specs than in windows.

Define "do" :)

>    Does linux have some sort of application RAM limit?

None that I know of. The hardware RAM limit (4GB for 32bit) applies,
of course. Maximum size of a single file depends on the file system.
Swap size should be limited only by your hard disk space.

> 3) What is everyone's favority sequencer for linux? I know there are a
> couple of them. Which one is your favorite?

I like Rosegarden. QTractor seems promising, and Seq24 is good for basic

> 4) I have never used linux before. Would it be better for me to install
> linux first and after im comfortable try audio on it?

Check out a Live CD, there are quite a few.

> 5) I assume there are DirectX adaptor also. Correct?

It depends on what you mean by "adaptor".
There is Wine, an open source implementation of the Windows API which
includes a certain part of the DirectX API (this is work in progress,
but usable).

I wish you a good GNU/Linux experience. :)


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