[LAU] Going from window to linux

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Thu Feb 28 07:52:11 EST 2008

JiNN wrote:
> 1) How is VST adaptors for linux? I was reading there a couple of 
> them. Has anyone had trouble with them?
I think I've used all of them to date. Your mileage will vary, but it 
seems that the most stable environments are Reaper/Wine/wineasio and the 
FST bridge (and maybe the dssi-vst bridge, which I haven't tested much 
yet). These days I use Reaper when I want to use VSTs. I also use VSTs 
with Ardour on my 32-bit box, but that requires a special compile for 
Ardour (that you'll have to do yourself).

Also, you'll eventually want to get familiar with the available LADSPA 
plugins, you may find that you won't need the VST support.
> 2) I assume linux is a lot better with RAM than windows, and was 
> curious if there are any people who are on this list
>    that actually switched over and could tell me if they really could 
> "do" a lot more in linux with the same hardware specs than in windows.
>    Does linux have some sort of application RAM limit?
As others have notes, the limit is determined by the CPU bit depth. A 
32-bit processor can address 4 GB RAM, a 64-bit CPU can address up to 16 
exabytes (see Wikipedia on the 64-bit CPU: 

> 3) What is everyone's favority sequencer for linux? I know there are a 
> couple of them. Which one is your favorite?  
Sequencer Plus Gold, running under DOSemu.

Okay, okay, it's not a Linux app, it's not open-source, and it's 
ancient. But I know it thoroughly and nothing in Linux does what I need 
it to do.

The standard choices are MusE, Rosegarden, and seq24. All have their 
strengths, and all cost about the same. ;)

> 4) I have never used linux before. Would it be better for me to 
> install linux first and after im comfortable try audio on it?
Yes, and you really should consider trying one of the live CDs such as 
MusiX or 64 Studio.

> 5) I assume there are DirectX adaptor also. Correct?
Wine provides some DirectX support, but I've never utilized it. I think 
it's there primarily for games.

> 6) Audio drivers? I currently own the t.c. electronic konnekt8 audio 
> interface and going from whats on the website they
>    dont have linux drivers? Could i use AISO4ALL? I used those drivers 
> on windows with no problems before, anyone have
>    any problems with them on linux?
Ah yes, drivers. Well, you won't be able to use your current hardware 
until TC Electronics decides they want the business from Linux users. I 
usually suggest that you write to TCE and *politely* inform them that 
their hardware should include Linux drivers, and that the ALSA team will 
do that work for them if they'll supply the team with the specs (and 
perhaps some hardware for testing).

If your budget can stand some strain you should purchase a card known to 
work with Linux. For pro work you'll want something by RME or M-Audio, 
or someone else here can suggest something else. I think most 
consumer-grade cards should work okay, but always be sure to check for 
Linux compatibility before you make any hardware purchase for your new 

> I guess this is all for now. There are many more questions which i 
> have, but i will do the research for those. If someone can also
> point em to some good resources on the web on linux audio i would def 
> appreciate it.

While this list is a fine resource, I'll also suggest that you check out 
the Linux threads on the Reaper forum as well. Many users there are 
contemplating the move from Windows to Linux, and there's a lot of good 
information to be read. See especially Alex Stone's "journey" thread.



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