[LAU] X, gnome-panel, jackd, ardour/rosegarden weirdness

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Fri Jan 4 04:49:13 EST 2008

hollunder at gmx.at wrote:
> On Thu, 03 Jan 2008 23:25:37 +0200
> John Anderson <ardour at semiosix.com> wrote:
>> I want to share one of those weird things that may save somebody's
>> hair follicles from excessive trauma:
>> Today I had a power failure. When my machine booted up again, I was
>> finding weirdness with ardour, rosegarden, jackd and X. On startup or
>> shutdown or rosegarden and/or ardour, X would stop responding to
>> keyboard and mouse clicks, but would still move the mouse cursor.
>> Ardour was still talking nicely to the BCF, but X was totally dead. I
>> could ssh into the box and kill the X server.
>> I eventually tracked it down to gnome-panel talking to
>> evolution-data-server. I've just rebuilt gnome-panel without that
>> capability, and stability has returned.
>> bye
>> John
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> Sounds a bit similar to the problems quite some ubuntuusers, including
> me, are experiencing on logout time. Once I hit the button nothing
> responds to clicks or anything anymore, but I can still move the mouse,
> until, after a few minutes, the logout dialogue appears and everything
> works as expected from there on.
> I got some gnome panel weirdness as well, but only with qjackctl and
> systray icon active. It doesn't always happen but sometimes the icon
> doesn't show up. When I manage to make it show up by
> deactivating/activating that option the _lower_ panel tends to
> disappear when the mousefocus is on any window. Or weirdness like that.
> I don't know if it is a qjackctl or a gnome panel bug..

I've had that often here with various Debian releases, without any GNOME 
apps running. Quite often, the computer never does come back - I can 
move the pointer around for hours and nothing changes. I personally 
think it has more to do with buggy Xorg video drivers - in my case, they 
adamantly try to use features of the Intel i830 chipset that don't exist 
at all in my laptop's i810 chipset, *even though the X server is using 
the i810 driver.*

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