[LAU] Hello and configuring audio

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Jan 10 04:45:35 EST 2008

Florian Schmidt wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 January 2008, david wrote:
>> Florian Schmidt wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 08 January 2008, M-.-n wrote:
>>>> I'm writing because recently I received for Xmas an azus EEE. Not a very
>>>> powerful machine but a great little traveller for internet, coding and
>>>> possibly... audio. I got my tracker running on it without to much
>>>> trouble (which was to be expected since it runs fine using only one of
>>>> the GP2x proc at 200Mhz) but I face a glitching issue on my EEE. First I
>>>> thought it was due to the usual buffer configuration problems but then I
>>>> realized both VLC and Audacity glitched too on playback. It's not a
>>>> constant one.. more like here and there the audio device gets stuck (or
>>>> some process/IRQ taking over?).
>>> and also what distro do you have installed? what kernel?
>> If Florian is using the one that comes with the EEE, it's Xandros Linux.
> Heh, i use ubuntu linux on my thinkpad t21 and on my desktop.. i never heard 
> of these azus EEE thingies before this thread started :D

Sorry, things are getting confusing in this thread!

A friend of mine got the high-end eeePC for Christmas, enjoys it very 
much, but he doesn't do audio stuff with it. He has his server hooked 
into his home audio system and only uses the eeePC to run his server 
desktop remotely and play his music collection that way.

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