[LAU] Eee As Synth Engine?

holotone at gmail.com holotone at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 13:17:12 EST 2008

I've been tinkering recently with my Eee running Xubuntu and a newly
acquired M-Audio Axiom 49 USB Midi Keyboard; I think it'd be just about as
great as it could get if I could use the Eee as a synth engine via
XynAddSubFX or similar - Unfortunately, I've been unable to tweak my JACK
settings to the point that all stutters and chops have been eliminated. I
understand that the Eee specs are quite low (900mhz proc, 512MB RAM), but
watching my resource usage while I'm playing shows the processor at less
than 50% and RAM holding steady at 60% or so - This would lead me to believe
that my problem is configuration related.

Any other Eee users out there had any luck getting JACK fine tuned to the
Eee? Since we're all working on nearly identical hardware, perhaps we could
swap configs?


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