[LAU] Eee As Synth Engine?

Pieter Palmers pieterp at joow.be
Sat Jan 12 07:24:07 EST 2008

holotone at gmail.com wrote:
> I've been tinkering recently with my Eee running Xubuntu and a newly 
> acquired M-Audio Axiom 49 USB Midi Keyboard; I think it'd be just about 
> as great as it could get if I could use the Eee as a synth engine via 
> XynAddSubFX or similar - Unfortunately, I've been unable to tweak my 
> JACK settings to the point that all stutters and chops have been 
> eliminated. I understand that the Eee specs are quite low (900mhz proc, 
> 512MB RAM), but watching my resource usage while I'm playing shows the 
> processor at less than 50% and RAM holding steady at 60% or so - This 
> would lead me to believe that my problem is configuration related.
> Any other Eee users out there had any luck getting JACK fine tuned to 
> the Eee? Since we're all working on nearly identical hardware, perhaps 
> we could swap configs?

Have you tried another synth? AFAIK ZynAddSubFX isn't realtime safe, and 
hence doesn't make a good test candidate.



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