[LAU] A pc without noise!

Paul Winkler pw_lists at slinkp.com
Wed Jan 16 21:43:22 EST 2008

+1 on attacking the problem at the source: get quieter components
inside the case.

After that, you can also make the case absorb some noise internally,
this helps too. For example, I have an Antec Sonata case lined with
Acoustipak. It took a while to apply, and was a pain to do because you
basically have to take everything apart and rebuild from scratch. But
it helped.

A couple other things:

- Do you hear vibrations from the drives or fans causing your desk or
shelf or whatever the case is sitting on to vibrate as well?  Put your
head near these surfaces and listen.  It can help a bit to put the
case on something absorbent. I used a piece of dense foam.

- Do you hear a lot of fan noise at the back of the case near the PSU
  and/or case fan?  Even "quiet" fans (like I have) are not silent.  I
  was hearing some fan noise reflecting off the wall behind the case.
  So I found that it made a slight but noticeable difference to put a
  large square of sound-absorbing foam on the wall directly behind the

My computer is still not silent, but it's pretty quiet.


Paul Winkler

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