[LAU] midi sequencers

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Thu Jan 17 16:40:53 EST 2008

At last, someone who can read !

I agree with the live performace/recording observation Arnold and do it most 
of the time, within client budget constraints. But recording the Vienna 
Symphony just isn't a possibility for me ( how strange!) 

Enter midi sequence and /wine/fst/Kontakt2... problem solved and with 
sufficient features and the famous Linux subsystem a stable midi sequencer 
can produce extremely good results.In fact, better than any other system 
currently on earth. 
It's the workflow that suffers when you have to go and edit endless streams of 
faulty sustain pedal events, or suffer serial crashing.  

I have only been on this list since they updated the linuxaudio.org mail 
system last year and automatically added me. i hang out on the dev lists and 
irc mostly because that's where the power users get/give most benefit. I've 
upset some people here, but I'm not concerned about that. Linux does need a 
stable, fully featured midi sequencer whether I  say so or not.

There currently isn't one that can stand the heat. By far the best contender 
is MusE .9x, but it's got one major bug, and other minor ones,  that are not 
being fixed and so it's broken. I was hoping that there would be another 
power user here on the Linux Audio USER forum that would have been in the 
same predicament and may have the answer that has eluded me. Apart from 
Arnold and perhaps Dave there obviously arn't any. So i'll leave.

goodbye lau.


BTW Gordon, ALL of my concerns and issues have already been fully discussed 
with the dev's of the existing apps. I speak with both knowledge and direct 
information on this topic. see you on #ardour.

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