[LAU] What Price Interoperability (OpenDAW, revisited)

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sun Jan 20 15:17:13 EST 2008

On Sunday 20 January 2008, Rob wrote:
> On Sunday 20 January 2008 11:42, David Baron wrote:
> > I need the $700 to pay my rent. We all need everyone to get
> > together, merge all those XMLs and make things easier for everyone.
> I think building a tool to translate between all the open DAWs, and as
> many of the proprietary ones as we can, would be more productive than
> trying to establish an XML-based lingua franca that everyone has to
> adhere to.  It may work for an office document that there's
> essentially only one correct way to render, but audio is way, way
> different.
A point. However, XML does not touch rendering--just says where to find raw 
data and what might be done to it. That $700 program also has dialogs to find 
substitute plugins between the various architectures and such. This would be 
the real work were there some XML standard. The thing about XML is it is easy 
to parse. And most mixing decks, hard or soft, are isomorphic to a large 

Should there be a "lingua franca", Steinberg's might end up being a candidate 
because of the wide support of their VST plugins. Steinberg/Yamaha might end 
up publishing their "standard" (DTD) and provide a free (but "non-free" in 
our parlance) SDK to service it as they do for VST and ASIO. Most "standards" 
come about in this manner rather than some slouch like myself calling for 
them :-)

> Not that I'm volunteering right now, since my audio recording needs
> are basic enough that Audacity is overkill.  But I have already
> written a few scripts to do things I needed with Rosegarden files
> that Rosegarden couldn't do (but probably can nowadays), so maybe
> eventually I will.

What are you doing with Rosegarden files? Some of us might want to share your 
success :-)

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