[LAU] Convoluted Leslie?

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Tue Jan 22 01:11:52 EST 2008

Anyone have a Leslie and willing to make a convolution impulse of it (say, using Fons' program for generating impulses)?

I love the sound of AZR3, and the Leslie is quite good, the only thing it is missing is the sound of the WOOD, of the actual Leslie cabinet itself. I'm curious what it'd sound like through a clean convolution of just the cabinet, possibly not even using the Leslie tube amp, just a clean transistor amp into the Leslie speakers.

Of course the tonewheel shape 2 or 3 setting isn't QUITE a tonewheel, but it's very close. If I could get the Leslie wood cabinet resonance in there I think it'd kick even more ass than it already does.


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