[LAU] Realistic strings in gig or sounfont?

Emanuel Rumpf xbran at web.de
Thu Jan 24 17:59:41 EST 2008

2008/1/22, Ken Restivo <ken at restivo.org>:
> I'm looking for realistic strings in a STANDARD, linux-supported format.

I've just recorded some violin samples, get them here:

maybe you or anyone would build a .sf2 or .gig out of it
they sound not so pad-like but a little punchy, afaict
compared to equal temparation some are a little out of tune,
maybe one needs to fix that

since this is the first time I've been recording single samples,
I'm not shure, if they are actually usefull ??
Also same questions arose, maybe some of you know:
-Is there anything I should take care of, when recording single samples?
(No long tutorial required, but some short hints are welcome.)
-The recorded violin sound is a little sharp /scratchy. What plugin /
fx would be effective /appropriate for smothing /antialiasing it a
little bit, without changing the character to much... should I?

> Any other sources? Free/beer is great, but I'll pay for free/libre stuff if it's worth it.

thanks, this time it's free ;-)

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