[LAU] A pc without noise!

Tommi Sakari Uimonen tuimonen at cc.hut.fi
Tue Jan 22 08:38:35 EST 2008


> My pc makes to much noise. :( I've two harddisk in it and I think the cooler makes te most noise.
> Will it help to remove one harddisk?

I have only one fan, from the silent power, but the real noise comes from 
two harddisks that both spin at 7200rpm. If I shut one of them down with 
hdparm, the noise goes away. It's the resonance.

Passive cpu cooler, passive GPU, silent power, silent hard disks when used 
one at a time. I should start using external hdd's, there should be no 
need to run two disks at a time anyway.

I've been thinking of running linux from usb-stick. So I could shut off 
both hd's. That would make my system _really_ silent. The usb disks aren't 
that fast though, but I should give a try someday.


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