[LAU] xruns with m-audio fast track pro on fedora 8 ccrma -> kernel 2.6.22 , periods/buffer = 3 , disable system bips and esd, and proper rtirq setup

Matthias Schönborn mbs1303 at gmx.de
Wed Jan 23 08:18:16 EST 2008

> yeah, -n3 might help, but if this is an usb device having -p64 is surely
> asking for a xrun festival :) try higher buffer sizes eg. -p128 -n3 might
> be the best you can get stable
> ymmv

I'm running the Fast Track Pro with 64 Frames and 2 Periods (2,9msec), and if 
I just use Ardour, I rarely get xruns. I'm running Kubuntu Gutsy, so if I can 
provide any information on my configuration, go ahead and ask :-)


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