[LAU] Marrying MIDI with Music

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Thu Jan 24 06:22:40 EST 2008

david wrote:
> Actually, he did. He just couldn't hear it through his hearing loss, but 
> he could feel the vibrations. That's one reason he liked thunderous bass 
> and playing pianos so hard he broke them. ;-)
I never heard that about Beethoven. Franz Liszt, maybe, but not Ludwig 
Van. ;)

Btw, it may interest some to know that the Amish consider instruments a 
worldly vanity. No instruments are used in their music, which is 
virtually all church music. A friend here who visits Amish country 
regularly tells me that everyone in an Amish family sings, and as far as 
he could tell they all sing quite nicely. He said that their 
entertainments often took the form of after-meal family singing.

Would that more of us might do likewise... :)



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