[LAU] Marrying MIDI with Music

Bob van der Poel bob at mellowood.ca
Thu Jan 24 12:41:15 EST 2008

Dave Phillips wrote:
> david wrote:
>> Actually, he did. He just couldn't hear it through his hearing loss, but 
>> he could feel the vibrations. That's one reason he liked thunderous bass 
>> and playing pianos so hard he broke them. ;-)
> I never heard that about Beethoven. Franz Liszt, maybe, but not Ludwig 
> Van. ;)
> Btw, it may interest some to know that the Amish consider instruments a 
> worldly vanity. No instruments are used in their music, which is 
> virtually all church music. A friend here who visits Amish country 
> regularly tells me that everyone in an Amish family sings, and as far as 
> he could tell they all sing quite nicely. He said that their 
> entertainments often took the form of after-meal family singing.
> Would that more of us might do likewise... :)

Pity that many institutions in out modern world don't appreciate singing 
just for the scake of singing. I well remember the moment in grade 4 
glee club when I was told just to "mouth" the words. I still don't 
bother to sing in public ... and that was 50 years ago! Yeah, I'm not 
the best singer in the world -- and most will, fortunately, never have 
the dubious honor of discovering that -- but I'm sure that I could have 
been a lot better with the proper encouragement. Ahh, I rant against the 
entire education system, when it's just one person who I've not seen for 
50 years. Everyone has to have a pet peeve :)

BTW, could someone tell me how to reply to messages on this list. I use 
Thunderbird, and when I hit <reply> I get the poster's address, not the 
list. So, I kill that message and hit <reply all> and then I have to 
manually delete the OP name from the "to" line and change the "cc" line 
to "to" ... I'm feeling quite dumb these days.


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