[LAU] [OT] creative commons non-commercial licensed music - ask for advice

Cesare Marilungo cesare at poeticstudios.com
Thu Jan 24 09:06:07 EST 2008

I received an email from a film producer (based in Los Angeles, probably 
an indie studio) in which he wrote that the director of a movie they're 
just finishing (they're at post-production stage) is interested in using 
two tracks of mine, 'Balloon' (http://www.cesaremarilungo.com/media) and 
'As we grow older' (http://www.cesaremarilungo.com/media/the-moon-ep).

I released these tracks under a non-commercial Creative Commons license:


In the past some of my music has been used for some short films, but 
these were clearly non commercial projects or film schools thesis.

Has anybody some experience on this topic? What should I do? Should I 
re-license these tracks? Can I just make them a written permission? Or 
should I ask for some kind of royalty (or would it be ridiculous, also 
considering that AFAIK Gyorgy Ligeti has never been paid for its music 
on '2001 A space odyssey' :-) )?

Thanks in advance,

- c.


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