[LAU] How to move devices to specific IRQ's ?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sat Jun 14 05:08:48 EDT 2008


Am Samstag, 14. Juni 2008 schrieb Susanne Schneider:
> I'm facing similar crappy IRQ settings on my Thinkpad R61 here as
> Svend-Erik described - my cardbus shares it's interrupt with the
> graphicscard.

Unless your name is Julien, you will get serious trouble as I don't think you 
want to run your machine without graphics. So you will probably always get 
xruns on cardbus-devices...

> Things seem to be a little better on firewire - the 1394 only shares
> it's interrupt with a unused usbbus and the also unused onbordsound -
> would it be probably the better way to go for a, lets say, Presonus
> Firepod?

This will probably be better for your situation. I own a Firepod myself and 
while that is a good device and working quite fine its only "reported to 
work" as the vendors only stated they would work together with ffado but 
didn't yet send any docs or devices. You should check ffado.org and pick a 
device that is "Supported" (as in "supported because the vendors is 
cooperative, don't get an motu if you intend to use it with linux...). The 
Focusrite devices are pretty cool and I would have bought one two years ago 
when they had supported freebob/ffado by then...

Have fun,

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