[LAU] How to move devices to specific IRQ's ?

Pieter Palmers pieterp at joow.be
Sat Jun 14 05:25:12 EDT 2008

Susanne Schneider wrote:
> hi,
> I'm facing similar crappy IRQ settings on my Thinkpad R61 here as 
> Svend-Erik described - my cardbus shares it's interrupt with the 
> graphicscard.
> I spent 2 nights now to play around with the (only available) settings 
> in bios, which was to adjust pcibusses from preadjusted "11" to anything 
> else and finally "automatic" - without any success. I tried to switch 
> off APIC, ACPI, I tried pci=assign_busses - nothing changed.
> I wonder if it would make sense then to spend the money for a device 
> like E-MU 1616 or even RME Multiface...
> Things seem to be a little better on firewire - the 1394 only shares 
> it's interrupt with a unused usbbus and the also unused onbordsound - 
> would it be probably the better way to go for a, lets say, Presonus Firepod?
> I'm sorry to further stress that exasperating hardware item but it's 
> really a pain to find a solution - there is a huge amount of info out 
> there in the web - but finding something which really leads one further 
> can be a punishment.
> thanks a lot for any hints

Since you have a thinkpad, you should first check if it has a decent 
built-in 1394 controller. Some thinkpads use a Ricoh controller that is 
buggy and can't be used for audio.

"lspci | grep 1394" will give the information on that.



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